Transition Emerging is a research study examining the emergence of the Transition movement across Canada, the conditions that enable it to thrive (or hinder its development), and what can be learned from their efforts to build convivial, equitable, resilient, sustainable, lower-carbon communities of the future.


Transition Émergente est une étude examinant l'émergence du mouvement de Transition à travers le Canada, les conditions qui lui permettent de se développer (ou d'entraver son développement), et ce qui peut être appris de leurs efforts pour construire conviviaux, équitables, résilientes, durables, faible teneur en carbone communautés de l'avenir.

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Download this short flyer on our web scan. This is the first phase of the research study where we looked at online documents to understand where Transition Initiatives are located in Canada, and the type and focus of their events.

Researching the emergence of the Transition movement in Canada.